S P L O S H is a local multiplayer brawler for eight players. The goal is to survive as long as possible while sploshing the other players into their potential death of the dangerous pink jellyfish.

Role: Game Designer

Date: January 2017

Software: Unity

For: Global Game Jam (“Waves”)

Link: S P L O S H @ GGJ17

Awards: Third place in Most out of the Box and third place in Best Multiplayer

As part of Global Game Jam 2017 I developed S P L O S H in which players in pairs of two share a controller and have to align their frequency by adjusting the triggers, see image below.


When the two “tails” (frequency) are aligned the jellyfish will be able to move forward as well as pushing the other players around. The goal is to be the last jellyfish standing.

A interesting design challenge in S P L O S H was that we wanted to have two users use the same controller. Instead of letting left player use the left side of the controller (and thereby awkwardly and uncomfortably having to navigate with the controller), we enforced the left player to use the right side of the controller and visa versa. This furthermore encouraged a physically entanglement. This worked surprisingly well and players enjoyed physically – and virtually – sticking together. See figure below.

SPLOSH controller big