Riley’s Hideout


A 3D Game art project in which I modelled a tree house with a living plush toy. The main focus was on a child-like, low-poly aesthetic. I was solely responsible for concept development, modeling, animating, texturing and implementation in Unity.

Role: Designer, Programmer, Artist

Date: Spring 2017

Software: Unity, 3ds Max, Adobe Creative Cloud.

For: 3D Game Art (IT University of Copenhagen course)

For this project I wanted to create a low-poly tree house which a child might use as a hideout. Furthermore I designed, modelled, rigged, textured and implemented an imaginary plush-toy friend that such a child might have, Mr. Pillow.


By working alone on this project I learned a great deal about textures, particles, light, colliders, camera and scripting in the Unity Engine.


I did a great deal of world development as part of this project. The map in the picture underneath show part of The Upside Down, a magical world that Mr. Pillow and the child (the player) will go to.


Lastly, here is some of the concept art developed in the early stages of this project.