Blindfolded: Become a Ninja!

Blindfolded: Become a Ninja! is a two-player game for HTC Vive with has a strong focus on non-visual senses. Do you feel courageous enough to venture into the virtual world with nothing but haptics and audio to guide you?

Role: Play & Game Designer

Date: Still under development (from Spring 2017)

Software: HTC Vive & Unity

Showcased at: CopenX 2017, Copenhagen Culture Night 2017, Exile Game Jam 2017

Initially we wanted the player to explore a virtual maze, but gradually this turned into a local multiplayer game as Blindfolded: Become a Ninja! allows players to explore physical intimacy and boundaries through a dance/fight show-off.


When I started working on this project during Nordic Game Jam 2017 (then known as Blind & Seek) we wanted to explore what would happen if you removed the most essential component of VR – the headset aka the ticket and promise of immersion. Instead of focusing on transporting the player to another virtual space we wanted to bring the virtual world to the player, into the real world. We decided to design a playful experience which focused on other senses than the visual, instead exploring what VR can be if the players are robbed of one of the most important senses.