A Thin Line


A Thin Line is an atmospheric game about trust, assumptions, and seeing parts of the whole in a relationship. 

Role: Creative Director, Game & Narrative Designer, Level Designer & Project Manager

Date: February-May 2017

Software: Unity

Showcased at: ITU Summer Games 2017

Link: itch.io

During the course Game Development at the IT University of Copenhagen I pitched a game and put together a team. During the short and intensive development periode I was in charge of leading the project, keeping the creative vision. Furthermore I was the lead writer meaning I was responsible for making a coherent narrative, making sure it had dramatic curves and branched appropriately. As it is a narrative-heavy game this naturally tied into making sure that the mechanics of the game fit with the context. Furthermore I was responsible for setting up the game space in Unity, applying scripts, colliders, materials and so forth to relevant in-game models.


Some of the biggest challenges we encountered included making a narrative game in which the player would be able to encounter the “clues” throughout the game in whichever order the player wished to do as well as making the avatar a tool for the player while still enabling the player to feel connected to the avatar.