Game Jams & Other Projects

I regularly attend game jams which is a great way to explore play and games through weird and interesting prototypes as well as get to know and work with new people. Below are some of my projects:

Global Game Jam 2018: “A Lazy Fantasy”


Role: Game Designer & artist

Link: A Lazy Fantasy 

A Lazy Fantasy is an experience exploring different ways of playfully interacting with software through an x-box controller.

Exile Not A Jam Game Jam 2017: “Blindfolded”


During the Exile Not a Jam Game Jam 2017 the work on “Blind & Seek continued” and evolved into “Blindfolded”, a sleeker experience of the initial “Blind & Seek”. It has a better, more focused core loop and encouraged players to be more physical. Furthermore it allowed us to make the code sleaker, add sound and unique battle tags for the battles (e.g. #TheOneBearNinja) and “hack” the HTC Vive headset hardware and access the physical camera to record battles between players.

Nordic Game Jam 2017: “Blind & Seek”


Role: Game designer

A room-scale VR game without use of the headset! Two blindfolded players must fight for their lives in labyrinthine arena, by tapping and feeling the walls to find the other in the dark.

Nebraska 99


Role: World designer, lore writer, concept artist

Nebraska 99 is a project done as part of the Game World Design course at the IT University of Copenhagen in 2017. In my group we decided to make a post apocalyptic, underground red neck society. For themes we worked with the concept of hierarchy both in sense of the world space but also the society and institutions of the universe. We went into great depth designing the world conceptually through both writing and concept art.

Art bible can be downloaded here!

Global Game Jam 2017: “S P L O S H”


Role: Game Designer

Link: S P L O S H @ GGJ17

Third place in Most out of the Box and third place in Best Multiplayer

S P L O S H is a local multiplayer brawler for eight players. The goal is to survive as long as possible while sploshing the other players into their potential death of the dangerous pink jellyfish.